Proud Boys Brunch

Proud Boys Brunch, 12noon – 4pm.

Launches SATURDAY 22nd September

Feast your senses on a brunch that sizzles, with Proud’s new male burlesque act.

Join us for hour of bottomless cocktail, fabulous food and male burlesque. This is a close encounter of the fabulous kind!

The Proud Boys are the ultimate spectator sport. Erotic circus, awe-inspiring West End choreography, femme dancers, acrobatics, mime and leather clad cowboys – the PROUD BOYS deliver a high octane performance with serious sex appeal.

The sexiest boys in town! With an hour of bottomless cocktails on arrival to get you in the mood!

Boylesque is transforming the art of striptease. You’ve seen classic burlesque, but this is darker, funnier and stranger.  Combining comedy, femme dancers, circus, feats of strength, choreographed dance, and just when you think you’ve seen it all, they take it off….

 Trust us to do this properly…. 3 course brunch, welcome drinks and an awe-inspiring show!  Great for Hens, large groups welcome.

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