The sexiest boys in town! With an hour of bottomless cocktails on arrival to get you in the mood!

Every Saturday*, 12noon – 4pm.

Welcome to the very best show in town!  Admire the all-male cabaret cast as they move from one energetic performance to another. Perfect for a night out with friends as you can wash down some cocktails and let the guys on stage do the rest. It’s a fast paced, sexy show that involves a high degree of skill. That combined with a series a different outfits, the Proud Boys won’t make you cringe but they’ll keep you on the edge of your seat! Trust us to do this properly…. 3 course brunch, welcome drinks and a show to really get you in the mood for a party!  Great for Hens, large groups welcome.

*Excluding the first Saturday of each month. Launches on 14th July.